The Brick Church 250th Anniversary Commemorative Jewelry

Get your Brick Church jewelry! Did you know that you can purchase jewelry commemorating The Brick Presbyterian Church's 250th Anniversary?
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"A Fellowship of Kindred Minds" 

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For the first time in over a hundred years, a full-scale history of The Brick Presbyterian Church in the City of New York is published and available either through the online form link in the next sentence or at the front desk in The Brick Church Offices. Explore this fascinating saga and order your personal copy today by clicking here.


Confirmation Transformed: Wrestling with Doubts, Learning to Pray
By Barbara Meachin
Confirmation Is Not What It Used To Be.
 “During the years Paul Wolfe taught Confirmation classes as Senior Pastor, we had no youth pastor, no seminary interns, no group discussions, and no Youth Sunday as we know it. The program consisted of formal weekly lectures and a test by the Elders at the end. The concept of bonding did not exist. Pizza was not available in the neighborhood for another ten years," said Tom Robinson, Elder and Co-Chair of the Stewardship Committee.

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Rev. Dr. John Rodgers' Sermon from Dec. 11, 1783

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