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I.  Commitment to the Church
    •  Attendance at services of Worship
    •  Participation in Church activities
    •  Financial support of the Church
    •  Leadership in positions previously or
        currently held

II.  Personal Characteristics and Skills
    •  Maturity of judgment and personal integrity
    •  Willingness to work with others
    •  Willingness to learn
    •  Ability to complete projects
    •  Openness to new ideas
III.  Other Qualifications and Considerations
    •  Leadership ability
    •  Time and willingness to serve
    •  Service in outside organizations

Download the 2018 ACNC Form PDF

Click here to download the 2018 All-Church Nominating Committee Officer Recommendation Form in PDF format. 

Recommendation Form

Please prayerfully consider recommending members of The Brick Church as candidates for these positions.  Self-nominations are also accepted.  The deadline for submissions is March 2, 2018.
Candidate Name
Recommended for
Ruling ElderDeaconTrusteeAll-Church Nominating Committee
Participation in Brick Church Activities
Previous Service as an Officer in the Presbyterian Church
Relevant Activities Outside Brick Church
Why I Support This Candidacy* (Responses are limited to 500 characters and 20 lines. If you need more room, please fill out a form at the Reception Desk and submit it.)
Recommended by (Name):
Contact Details (Phone and/or email):

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