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Why Join Adult Education at Brick Church?

The Christian life is a journey, and we never cease to travel, learn, and grow. Adult education offerings at The Brick Church are meant to help church members and friends on their spiritual journeys. We join in Adult Education to grow in faith in the God revealed in Jesus Christ, to understand the Bible and the Christian tradition, to apply our faith as we engage in conversation with the world, and to live fully and faithfully as individuals and with our neighbors. Come grow and learn.

Adult Education meets at 10 a.m. in the Living Room on the Third Floor of the Parish House. All are welcome; bring friends and enjoy the coffee and light breakfast items. Childcare is provided on the Youth Floor beginning at 9 a.m. For more information, please contact Rev. Rebekah McLeod Hutto
Recordings of previous lectures can be found here.

Adult Education Presents: Holy Communion Inside Out: Diverse Perspectives

Sunday January 22 & 29

Over the course of these two weeks Dr. Dale Irvin, supported by the Worship Committee, will explore a variety of perspectives on the ritual (sacrament or mystery) that Christians variously call the Eucharist, Mass, Lord’s Supper, and Holy Communion.  These talks will focus on the teachings of the sixteenth century reformer, John Calvin, who was the most powerful figure shaping the Reformed theological and thus Presbyterian church tradition.

Sunday January 22  Holy Communion:  A View from Calvin’s Chair
John Calvin preached almost daily in Geneva from the pulpit of his home church, St. Pierre’s Cathedral, for over two decades.  Both the pulpit from which Calvin preached and the table (not altar) upon which he celebrated the Lord’s Supper are long gone, but the chair in which he supposedly sat in his study still remains, one of the only remaining artifacts from Calvin’s life.  Dr. Irvin will speak to Holy Communion from the perspective of Calvin’s own writings to explore what he preferred to call The Lord’s Supper, and how he saw others’ practices and teachings.

Sunday January 29  Looking at Holy Communion in Geneva from the Outside:  Other Perspectives through the Ages
On this Sunday Dr. Irvin will step outside Calvin’s study and St. Pierre’s Cathedral to look at what he taught from other perspectives, starting with those nearest to Calvin himself in his own time:  the Lutherans and Zwinglians.  Then he’ll move on to Calvin’s Roman Catholic interlocutors (or critics), continuing to widen the circle of perspectives in various traditions and across time. 

Rev. Dr. Dale T. Irvin is President and Professor of World Christianity at New York Theological Seminary, in New York City.  A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and Union Theological Seminary in New York, he has been a member of the Seminary’s faculty since 1989.  He is a founding editor of The Journal of World Christianity and serves on the editorial board of The Living Pulpit.  He is an ordained minister in the American Baptist Churches USA and a member of The Riverside Church in New York City.


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