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Why Join Adult Education at Brick Church?

The Christian life is a journey, and we never cease to travel, learn, and grow. Adult education offerings at The Brick Church are meant to help church members and friends on their spiritual journeys. We join in Adult Education to grow in faith in the God revealed in Jesus Christ, to understand the Bible and the Christian tradition, to apply our faith as we engage in conversation with the world, and to live fully and faithfully as individuals and with our neighbors. Come grow and learn.

Lenten Series: Stories from the Cross

10:00 a.m. in the Living Room. Bring friends and enjoy the coffee, tea and morning refreshments. Child care available on the Youth Floor. 

The Adult Education Committee is hosting a three-part Lenten series led by our own Brick Church seminarians. This series will focus on the individuals of the Passion narrative, looking at the stories of the many who surrounded Jesus: his disciples, the criminals, and the religious and political authorities. Often during Lent we focus only on the story of Jesus and his words and actions during Holy Week.  This series will give us the opportunity to look at the narratives and details surrounding many of the important figures of Holy Week who surround Jesus.

Sunday, February 22: "Pontius Pilate and the Passion Story"
Seminarian Brian Yount, Princeton Theological Seminary 

Looking at all the Gospel accounts and the history of Pilate, Brian will discuss the significance of his story in the political and social life of the Roman Empire. Brian is a second year student at Princeton Theological Seminary and originally from Franklin, Indiana.

Sunday March 1: "Life and Death in the Roman Empire
Seminarian Kaylin Milazzo, Princeton Theological Seminary 

This discussion will focus on the two criminals who were crucified along with Jesus. What were the social implications for Israel under Roman occupation? What were the crimes that Rome punished and what were the forms of punishment? Kaylin was born and raised in Franklin Lakes, N.J. In 2010, she graduated from Fordham University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Studies. She is in her final semester at Princeton Theological Seminary and will graduate this May.

Sunday March 8: "The Person and Story of the Disciple Judas"
Seminarian Chip Rotolo, Princeton Theological Seminary 

Our understandings of the various dimensions of Judas' life overlap with our understandings of Providence, Salvation, Justice, and Christology. Kierkegaard once wrote, "One will get a deep insight into the state of Christianity in every age by seeing how it interprets Judas."  Chip is a second year student at Princeton Theological Seminary. He grew up in Henderson, N.C. and holds a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



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