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Why Join Adult Education at Brick Church?

The Christian life is a journey, and we never cease to travel, learn, and grow. Adult education offerings at The Brick Church are meant to help church members and friends on their spiritual journeys. We join in Adult Education to grow in faith in the God revealed in Jesus Christ, to understand the Bible and the Christian tradition, to apply our faith as we engage in conversation with the world, and to live fully and faithfully as individuals and with our neighbors. Come grow and learn.

Adult Education meets at 10 a.m. in the Living Room on the Third Floor of the Parish House. All are welcome; bring friends and enjoy the coffee and light breakfast items. Childcare is provided on the Youth Floor beginning at 9 a.m. For more information, please contact Rev. Rebekah McLeod Hutto
Recordings of previous lectures can be found here.

Adult Education Presents: Our Pastors and Their Calls to Ministry

Sundays, Oct 23 and 30
As we celebrate our 250 anniversary at The Brick Presbyterian Church this year, we are reflecting on our past while also looking forward to our shared ministry in the future. Brick Church has benefited from the gifts and talents of many wonderful ministers throughout its history. 

Our Presbyterian polity includes a system by which our clergy move through transitions in ministry based on God’s call, not on the appointment of any one individual or committee. We refer to this as a “call system” because both a minister and a congregation discern God’s call in this process. When a minister in our tradition feels God calling them to a new ministry, they move through a period of discernment, interviewing with churches and listening for where God may be leading them. In this process, churches also move through their own phase of discernment. They interview candidates for open positions and pray for the Spirit’s guidance. 

Our own clergy at Brick, Rev. Michael Lindvall, Rev. Rebekah McLeod Hutto, Rev. Douglas King, and Rev. Adam Gorman, have all felt the Holy Spirit’s guidance through many of their own transitions in ministry. The call to ministry is just one vocation out of many that God’s people are called to, and it offers a pastor many periods of discernment. On Sunday October 23 and 30, our Brick Church clergy will share with you their call stories—how God originally called them into ministry and how the Holy Spirit has been guiding them ever since. Sunday October 23, Rev. Douglas King and Rev. Adam Gorman will speak. Sunday October 30, Rev. Michael Lindvall and Rev. Rebekah McLeod Hutto will share their stories. Please join us as together we celebrate our ministry at Brick Church. 


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