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Call to Annual Meetings
The Annual Meetings of the Congregation and Corporation will be held Sunday, April 29, immediately following morning worship in the Sanctuary. This meeting will include nominations for new officers of the church. 
Confirmation 2018
Join us Sunday April 29 as our 2018 confirmands lead us in worship and Sunday May 6 as they are confirmed and join us in membership at the Brick Church.
Sunday Church School and Nursery: Recruiting 2018-19 Volunteers
The Brick Church Sunday Church School and Nursery are currently recruiting teachers and volunteers for our 2018-2019 school year. All church members are eligible to volunteer; you do not have to be a parent of one of our children. Please contact Rev. Rebekah Hutto to volunteer. 
The Brick Church Seeks Women's Association Part-Time Interim Coordinator
The Brick Church Women's Association is seeking a Part-Time Interim Coordinator to provide administrative support for both the Women's Association Board and its committees. The position will be paid on an hourly basis and does not include benefits.

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