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Youth (grades 5-12)
Sunday Morning Adult Education
Adult Ed Speaker Form
Adult Education Recorded Presentations
"An Introduction to the Angelic Friar"
"The Holy Name: Art of the Gesù"
"The Buddha's Revolution: The Ideas and Practices of Buddhism"
"Sadhana: Building a Progressive Hinduism"
"Threading My Prayer Rug"
"Values and Voices: Speaking Out in Public Spheres"
"Tillich Speaks to You (and The Church!)"
"From an Island in the Bay: The Journey from Location to Perspective to Faith"
"The Quest for God"
"Sowing Resistance by Being Church: Connecting Earth, Call, and Body in Radical Renewal"
"Theatrics of Faith"
"Pilgrimage to Mecca"
"Reformers Imagine Their Own Story: Why the 95 Theses Mattered in Christian History"
"The Varieties of American Judaism"
"The Eastern Orthodox View of the Great Schism"
"The Quran"
"The Hebrew Bible: Insiders and Outsiders"
"Christian Scriptural Translation"
"Protestant Canonization"
"The Social Gospel, Then and Now"
"Making Church Work for Everyone"
"Upside Down in El Barrio"
"The Theology of Wonder"
"Justice and Peace"
"William P. Merrill, The Brick Church, and the Fundamentalist/Modernist Conflict"
"Presbyterians, the Revolutionary Spirit, and America's Original Sin"
"Paul and the Law of Empire: Rethinking Justification by Faith 500 Years Post-Reformation"
"Rebuilding the Urban Parish: How “Loving Your Neighbor” is a Radical Calling, Now More Than Ever"
"Working for the Two Best Kept Secrets in the PCUSA"
"Looking at Holy Communion in Geneva from the Outside: Other Perspectives Through the Ages"
"Holy Communion: A View from Calvin’s Chair"
"The History of The Brick Church and the Rise of Liberal Evangelicalism in New York City"
"Our Presbyterian Roots"
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Brick Church 250th Anniversary
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