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July 15“The Danger of Discipleship”Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

July 8"Creation: How We Get Saved"Douglas Kingtranscript   video

July 1“Creation: How We Get Bruised”Douglas Kingtranscript  video

June 24"Creation: How We Find Ourselves in God's Hands"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

June 17“When God Chooses a Leader”Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

June 10“Are You In?”Takako Terinotranscript  video

June 3“That’s How the Light Gets In”Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

May 27"How Long, O Lord?"Adam Gormantranscript  video

May 20"Learning a New Language"Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

May 13'Faith Always Leans Forward"Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

May 6“Look Who the Spirit Let In!”Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

April 29Youth Sunday2018 Confirmandstranscript  video

April 22"Long Term Care"Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

April 15"His Hands, His Feet, Once More"Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

April 8"Transmogrification Imagination"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

April 1"Understanding Resurrection"Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

March 30Good Friday/ Stainer's "The Crucifixion"transcript  video

March 29“Sealed With a Kiss”Adam Gormantranscript  video

March 25"Do Not Lose A Single One"Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

March 18“Is This Us?”Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

March 11"Halftime in Lent"Kimberly Claytontranscript  video

March 4“The Cross as Koan”Douglas Kingtranscript  video

February 25"Tell Me the Story"Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

February 18"Travelling Companions"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

February 11"Glimpses of Glory"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

February 4“Let Us Go On…”Douglas Kingtranscript  video

January 28"Who is in Charge Here"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

January 21"Who Knows?"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

January 14"A Prophet's Reward"Ted Wardlawtranscript  video

January 7"Beloved"Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

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