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October 22, 2017“Render Therefore Unto Caesar”Alistair Bennettranscript  video

October 15, 2017Festival of Hymnodytranscript  video

October 8, 2017"Law and Grace"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

October 1, 2017"Words, Words, Words"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

September 24, 2017"Woe to the Bookkeepers"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

September 17, 2017“Forgiven and Forgiving”Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

September 10, 2017“Decently and In Order”Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

September 3, 2017"Holy Ground"Adam Gormantranscript  video

August 27, 2017"Actions Matter"Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

August 20, 2017"Words Matter"Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

August 13, 2017"Finding God: By Looking Back"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

August 6, 2017"Finding God : By Waiting"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

July 30, 2017“God’s Embrace”Adam Gormantranscript  video

July 23, 2017"Heaven's Gate"Adam Gormantranscript  video

July 16, 2017"The Gardner and the Soil"Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

July 9, 2017"Finding God: By Asking For Help"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

July 2, 2017"Finding God: By Listening"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

June 25, 2017"Finding God: On The Journey"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

June 18, 2017“Snakes and Doves”Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

June 11, 2017"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

June 4, 2017"Jews and Greeks, Slave and Free"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

May 28, 2017"Waiting for What's Next"Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

May 21, 2017"Blessed Community"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

May 14, 2017"What Would You Do?"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

May 7, 2017“Remember What You Don’t Know”Douglas Kingtranscript  video

April 30, 2017 (Youth Sunday)Confirmand SermonsConfirmandstranscript  video

April 23, 2017"Easter People"Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

April 16, 2017 (Easter)"Mystery and Reality"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video -9    video -11

April 13, 2017 (Maundy Thursday)"Hold Fast"Rebekah McLeod Huttotranscript  video

April 9, 2017"Finding Jesus"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

April 2, 2017“Ready for Battle”Neil Gardnertranscript  video

March 26, 2017"Close Your Eyes"Adam Gormantranscript  video

March 19, 2017"Living Water"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

March 12, 2017“John Rodgers Would Have Something to Say”Jon Waltontranscript  video

March 5, 2017"Anchored in Scripture"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

February 26, 2017"Head in the Clouds, Boots on the Ground"Leslie Merlintranscript  video

February 19, 2017"An Invitation to Holiness"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

February 12, 2017“Do Red and Blue Make Purple?”Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

February 5, 2017"Thou Wayfaring Jesus"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

January 29, 2017"The World Turned Up-Side-Down"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

January 22, 2017“Human Leadership”Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

January 15, 2017"Insider Knowledge"Michael Lindvalltranscript  video

January 8, 2017"God of the Storm"Douglas Kingtranscript  video

January 1, 2017"Look Behind You"Adam Gormantranscript  video

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