Deacons are ordained officers of the church called to minister to those in need both within and beyond the bounds of the congregation. Their ministries of compassion seek to reflect the loving ways shown to us in Jesus’ life and ministry. See below to learn more about the individual ministries of the deacons. Deacons are elected for a period of service (usually three years) and ordained to the office for life.

Current Deacons
Helen Elmiger & Cathy Leonhardt, co-moderators 
Elizabeth Boehmler, secretary
Rev. Douglas T. King, staff advisor
Class of 2019
Linda Arnold
Bret Barasch
Arthur Bingham
Elizabeth Boehmler
Joseph Galloway
Jeffrey Gower
Cathy Leonhardt
Jane Lowry
Class of 2020
Nancy Blair
*Blythe Chace
Graham Clark
Carl Cordova
David Darst
Helen Elmiger
Marc Engberg
Katrina Masterson
Amy McDonald
Paige Rustum
Andrew Skobe
Class of 2021
Beth Bell
Christopher Carroll
William Gambrill
Christopher Hamilton
Kate Hrobsky
Grace Sarno
John Tuttle
Tanya Wells
*Youth Deacon to serve a one year term.