Central to the Presbyterian tradition is leadership by members of the church, men and women elected by the congregation for particular kinds of service. The Presbyterian Church ordains men and women to the three offices that are reflected in the New Testament and have consistently been recognized by later generations of Christians – that of minister, elder and deacon.

Nomination and Election of Officers
Ruling elders, deacons and trustees are nominated to the congregation by the All-Church Nominating Committee and are normally elected by the congregation at its annual meeting in the Spring (April or May).

Ruling Elders 
Ruling Elders (“presbyters” in Greek, hence “Presbyterian”) are members of the congregation elected for a period of active service (usually three years), but ordained to the office for life. Together, the sitting elders comprise the Session, the governing leadership body of the congregation.

2020-2021 Session Committee Assignments

Ruling Elders 2021-2022:

Bret M. Barasch
S. Michael Barnes
Amanda B. Bellows
Nicholas M. Berry
David M. Blais
Elizabeth Boehmler
Colette O. Bryce
Theodore D. Clement
William S. Crutchfield III
David Darst
Karen Fang
Pamela Ferguson
Mimi Hah
Amanda Heath
Lindsay Higgins
Jill W. Lampe
David Morgan
Oliver T. Moses
Jane K. Muqaddam
Addison E. Nelson (Youth Elder)
Caroline C. Pickering (Youth Elder)
Margaret D. Stocker
Christopher Thorpe,
Conor S. Tochilin
Cynthia Watson
Victor L. Wu
Thomas E. Evans, Moderator and Senior Pastor
Adam D. Gorman, Associate Pastor
Thomas Robinson, Clerk of Session
Debra N. Seraphim, Assistant Clerk of Session

Deacons are also members of the church elected for a period of service (also usually three years), and ordained to the office for life. The sitting deacons comprise a Board of Deacons. Individually and as a board, deacons are called to the work of service and compassion, both to those within the congregation and beyond, to all who are in special need.

Board of Deacons 2021-2022:

Susan B. Appleby
Stephana Bottom
Julie T. Chang
Tenley L. Chepiga
Marilyn T. Dikkers
Mark E. Dingle
Luc M.Dowling
Sylvia A. Gower
Henry Greene
Maxime Guignand
Tiffany Hoke
Amy E. Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Alexander W. King
Loren E. Kittilsen
Christopher Lanning
Marisa Leichtling
John P. Muller
Sam Puopolo
Christopher L. Randall
David R. Rose
Bill Ryckman
Whitney Schwartz
Oscar T. Sloterbeck
Kristin S. Steen
Kate Thorpe (Youth Deacon)

In addition to these three ordained offices, The Brick Presbyterian Church also elects trustees to act as fiduciary officers of the church, managing the property, the endowment fund, and, with the session, the general finances of the congregation.

Board of Trustees 2021-2022:

Charles S. Anderson, President
Kenneth W. Austin, Secretary
Henry C. Barkhorn III, Treasurer
David E. Barrett
Patrick D. Barrett
Jonathan S. Bean
Erik M. W. Caspersen
Kevin R. Greene
Cathy Leonhardt
Elizabeth Philipp
Richard D. Rippe
Katherine E. Stitch
Susan P. Webb
Mario J. Verdolini, Jr. & E. Deane Turner, Legal Advisors
Thomas E. Evans, Senior Pastor
Don Nagle, CFO/COO