Testing eRecord Embed:

Recommended options for Flipbook:

Allows for multiple flipbooks to be added chronologically onto a single page with simple buttons or thumbnails that the viewer can click on and see the entire flipbook in a modal or popup browser window. Once done viewing, the viewer simply clicks the X on the top right corner of the window and returns to this page:

Option 1 – button:

The September 2018 Brick Church Record


Option 2 – thumbnail:

The September 2018 Brick Church Record


Not Recommended

Option 3 – Embed flipbook into page:

this option embeds the entire flipbook into the page but the default size of the pdf that is displayed on initial load is small and the user would have to zoom the flipbook to be able to read it.  Also this approach would require creating a separate page for each flipbook which doesn’t make sense: