Transition Update

Calling a Permanent Senior Minister

The process to call a permanent Senior Minister begins once the outgoing Senior Minister has left and the Transitional Pastor has been appointed. This formal process is clearly outlined in our Book of Order. Initially, a Mission Review Committee will be appointed by Session. This committee will engage in a spiritual discernment process to discover the direction in which God is leading our congregation.  This will entail an in-depth, honest, and thoughtful look at our congregation and community to reconfirm our leadership needs and our call to ministry.

Upon completion of the mission review, and with the approval of Presbytery, the Session will recommend a Pastor Nomination Committee (PNC) be formed. The All Church Nominating Committee (ACNC) will solicit recommendations from the congregation, a slate will be selected by the ACNC and approved by the congregation through a vote at a congregational meeting. In the PC(USA), the congregation gives authority to search for a pastor to the PNC; once the PNC has been elected, neither the session nor the congregation have a role in determining the permanent pastor until the PNC is ready to present its nominee to the congregation for a vote.

Importantly, it should be noted that this process does not impact or alter the roles of our Senior Associate Minister, the Reverend Douglas T King, or our Associate Ministers, the Reverend Adam L Gorman and the Reverend Rebekah McLeod Hutto. Each was called individually by our congregation and their relationships with the Brick Church are separate and distinct.

The process of calling a Senior Pastor is a lengthy one with many steps along the way designed to assist a congregation in deciphering who God is calling to be pastor in the next chapter of our congregation’s life and ministry. We are very blessed to be in the hands of our Transitional Pastor, the Reverend Dr. Kimberly Clayton, during this time.

Message from the Transitional Senior Minister

By Rev. Kimberly Clayton

I began as your Transitional Senior Minister on March 15, 2018. After four months at The Brick Presbyterian Church I am glad to report that I have ‘learned my way around’—no small task given our summer construction projects! Perhaps the construction upheaval is an apt metaphor for us in this time of transition. When a church goes through a major transition, like the departure of a long-term Senior Minister, some familiar paths and routines are altered in ways both slight and significant. While much about the church goes on as usual, with familiar people—pastors, staff, and members—continuing in their areas of service, there is someone new as well—a Transitional Senior Pastor. This person is doing many of the same things the last Senior Minister did—but she does some of it differently. No matter how much remains the same, things can ‘feel’ different and it can even seem like everything is changing. Some people adapt to change easily, even welcome it, but many find change uncomfortable, producing feelings of anxiety. I admit that a few times this summer, with the construction dust and noise, the labyrinthine route to get from here to there, and one more glitch in how things are supposed to work, I have wished nostalgically that it could all go back to the way it was…four months ago! So I do understand to some degree that this transitional time can seem overwhelming to you as a congregation. Change is hard. A level of anxiety is normal. But to extend the metaphor a bit further—think of what all of this construction is leading toward: an enhanced entrance for the church and school to meet current and future needs; a beautifully renovated garden space that honors the past while incorporating updated structures and systems that will carry us into the future. In the same way, this transitional time is leading toward the welcome of your new Senior Minister: The person who will join the other pastors, staff, and members in leading this historic church, with its vibrant current ministries, faithfully and creatively into the future.

In preparation of the search for the new Senior Minister, we will engage in a congregation-wide Mission Review this fall. This is an opportunity for every member to offer input on current strengths of The Brick Church, challenges and changes you see ahead, assessment of ministries and mission we currently undertake and priorities going forward, and the qualities and characteristics desired in your next Senior Minister/Head of Staff.

To organize this important undertaking, a Mission Review Team has been appointed. The 18 people listed below have agreed to give their energy and imagination and intelligence to this task. They are motivated by a love for this congregation. There are 9 men and 9 women and they represent a variety of lengths of membership and avenues of engagement in the life of the church. They are reading a variety of things this summer in preparation. In October, they will help lead this Mission Review and involve, we hope, all of the members.

I invite you to pray for the Mission Review Team, the church staff, and our congregation as together we enter this intentional time to reflect on who we have been, are now, and the ways God might be calling us into the future. If you have questions or concerns in this time of transition, I will welcome an opportunity to speak with you or you can email the Mission Review Team here.
Thank you for your warm welcome in our first months together.

Grace and peace,



Members of the Mission Review Team

Susan Appleby

Susan Austin

Sarah Blais

Mark Brickell

Anna Caspersen

Buddy Crutchfield

Helen Elmiger

William Gambrill

Mark Greenwood

Mimi Hah

Daniel Hoy

Peter Manning

Chris Mason

Kim Purvis

Peggy Raub

Dru Richards

David Rose

Mario Verdolini