Vision and Mission Statement


The Brick Presbyterian Church, located at Park Avenue and 91st Street in the heart of Manhattan, is a flourishing congregation of Christians in the largely secular world of New York City. The Brick Church is a historic New York City church, founded in 1767, that is today a vital and growing congregation of more than 1,700 members. Many of our members live in the neighborhood of the church, many others in other Manhattan neighborhoods, the outer boroughs, or suburban areas. We are a welcoming and diverse congregation — young and old, married and single — that includes both long-time New Yorkers and newcomers to the city. Excellent worship, extensive mission outreach in the city and beyond, an education program for children, youth and adults, and a strong tradition of congregational fellowship characterize our life as a church.

Mission Statement

The following mission statement was adopted by the Session of The Brick Church on Nov. 15, 2003:

“The fundamental mission of The Brick Church is to respond to the word of God as found in the Old and New Testaments. The Brick Church must continue its historic mission to lead, inspire and enable the public worship of God in the Presbyterian tradition in the city of New York. Our response can be witnessed in the transformed lives of our members as we celebrate the Good News proclaimed by Jesus Christ. We are committed to supporting spiritual development, Christian education and witness to our community, which will be evidenced on a daily basis not only among church members but also in our outreach to the broader world.”