Funerals and Memorials

Funerals and Memorial Services
Funerals and memorial services are services of worship conducted in witness to the resurrection and in celebration and remembrance of a life that has ended. Such services usually include praise and thanksgiving to God for the gift of a life, affirmation of our trust in God’s gift of life eternal in Jesus Christ, words of comfort to those who mourn, and the remembering of the life that has ended.

The body of the deceased, in a closed casket, is present at a funeral service, which is usually conducted shortly following death. The Brick Church pall is normally placed over the casket during the service. The body of the deceased is not present at a memorial service and such services may be conducted at any time. In most other regards, memorial services and funerals are the same.

For Whom Funeral and Memorial Services are Conducted
Services are conducted for all members of The Brick Presbyterian Church and their immediate family (generally parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, siblings and children). In special circumstances, funerals or memorial services may be conducted for non-member Christians.

Time and Place 
Funerals and memorial services are most appropriately conducted in the sanctuary or chapel of the church. The sanctuary seats approximately 700 people, the chapel as many as 90. Services are usually scheduled for mid- or late morning, or early afternoon. Services are not conducted on Sundays or on major Christian or civil holidays. If an interment is to be held following the service, the schedule of the cemetery must be considered.

Whom to Contact
To arrange for a funeral or memorial service, contact one of the ministers of The Brick Presbyterian Church directly by telephone at 212-289-4400. The minister conducting the service will normally meet with the family or friends of the deceased to plan the service and offer pastoral care. In addition, those family members or friends arranging the details for the service should schedule a meeting with The Brick Church Minister of Music to plan the music for the service. In addition to an organist, Brick Church has a fine team of professional vocalists and instrumentalists that can be engaged to enhance the music for the service.

Fees and Honoraria 
There are no fees for the use of the sanctuary or chapel for member funerals or memorial services. Honoraria are traditionally offered to the sexton and, optionally, the minister. Fees for musicians are:

Organist: $500 base rate (A different rate will apply for more intricate musical arrangements)
Vocal soloists: $300
Trumpeter: $300
Choir: $200 per Chorister with a minimum of 4 choristers
Bag Piper: $500
Harpist: $500
Livestream Rate: $450
For a list of suggested music selections for memorial and funerals at The Brick Church, please click here. Please contact Chanel Robertson, Interim Coordinator for Church Ministries and Mission, with any questions.