All-Church Nominating Committee

Call for Nominations

The All-Church Nominating Committee (ACNC) is currently accepting recommendations for candidates for Elders, Deacons, Trustees, and the All-Church Nominating Committee.  For Elders and Deacons, the ACNC is accepting recommendations of YOUTH CANDIDATES as well.  As you fill out the form, please comment on the candidate by touching on the below traits to the extent you can:


I. Commitment to the Church

  • Attendance at services of Worship
  • Participation in Church activities
  • Financial support of the Church
  • Leadership in positions previously or currently held

II. Personal Characteristics and Skills

  • Maturity of judgment and personal integrity
  • Willingness to work with others
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to complete projects
  • Openness to new ideas

III.  Other Qualifications and Considerations

  • Leadership ability
  • Time and willingness to serve
  • Service in outside organizations
Enter candidates full name

Co-Chairs: Cynthia Watson and Helen Elmiger

Members: Susan Appleby, Jonathan Bean, Patrick Blott, Scott Froelich, Scrip Gonzalez, Amy Johnson, Grace Sarno

Ex-officio: Rev. Dr. Thomas Evans, Dr. Tom Robinson, Pam Ferguson,

Description of Church Officers

Each office has its own distinct calling and scope of responsibility; no hierarchical relationship is implied.

Ruling Elder

The Session of the Brick Church consists of 24 Ruling Elders (three classes of 8) serving three-year terms, one or two Youth  Elders  serving a one-year term, and includes the Senior Pastor (the Moderator), the Associate     Pastors and the Clerk. The Session is responsible for the total church life of the congregation: the admission of members, times, and places of Worship, including the administration of the Sacraments, use of the Church facilities, the budget, and all policies, including personnel. The Church constitution states that “…congregations should elect persons of wisdom and maturity of faith, having demonstrated skills in leadership and being compassionate in spirit.”


The Board of Deacons consists of  27 Deacons (three classes of 9) serving three-year terms and one or two Youth Deacons serving a one-year term and includes an Associate Pastor as an advisory member. The Deacons are the Church’s  arm of compassion, a service group ministering to the congregation and to those outside the church through its outreach programs. The Church constitution says of  Deacons that “Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies and sound judgment should be chosen for this office.”


The Board of Trustees consists of 12 Trustees (three classes of 4) serving a three-year term. Members of the Board of  Trustees are the Directors of  The Corporation of The Brick Presbyterian Church in the City of New York. The Trustees have among their responsibilities: monitoring the finances of the Church, including participation in planning, stewardship and oversight processes, fiduciary responsibility for conserving and enhancing the Church’s physical properties and financial assets, including matters relating to insurance coverage, major plant and capital replacements, and development of programs to encourage bequests.

ACNC Member

Ruling Elders, Deacons, Trustees, and members of next year’s ACNC are nominated by the current ACNC and elected by the congregation. The ACNC includes Clerk of Session, ex officio, plus the Senior Pastor, ex officio. It may also include the past ACNC chair (or senior co-chair), ex officio. In addition to ex officio members, the ACNC includes two Ruling Elders, one Deacon, and one Trustee, all chosen after recommendation by the respective board, and five at-large members.

Welcome to The Brick Church!

The Brick Presbyterian Church is a lively, growing congregation that has been serving New York City since 1767. We worship every Sunday at 11 a.m. in our Sanctuary. Adult Education classes meet September through May at 9:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Sunday Church School is offered for children from age two to seventh grade. From October to May, we also offer a half-hour weekly communion service on Wednesdays at 6 p.m in the Chapel. We welcome all to come, visit, worship and see what Brick Church is all about! We invite you to become part of our Church community; we hold new member meetings four times a year.

The Brick Church is a member congregation of the Presbytery of New York City. The session appoints elders to serve as commissioners to meetings of Presbytery. In addition, elders serve on various committees when elected or appointed. The Brick Church also supports the work of the Presbytery financially through assessments and apportionments and general mission giving. In addition to supporting Presbytery mission, the church has traditionally supported a wide range of mission outreach efforts in New York City. Involvement on the national level of the Presbyterian denomination has been strong and supportive over the 250-year history of the congregation. Several ministers of The Brick Church have served as moderator of the General Assembly, the national body of our church. In fact, the Rev. John Rogers, the first minister of The Brick Church, was elected as Moderator of the First General Assembly in 1789.

Brick Church Architecture

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  Brick Church Architecture


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The Presbyterian Church (USA) [] is the nationwide denomination of Presbyterians to which we belong.



The Presbytery of New York City [] is the local governing board of the denomination to which we belong.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The following mission statement was adopted by the Session of The Brick Church on Nov. 15, 2003:

“The fundamental mission of The Brick Church is to respond to the word of God as found in the Old and New Testaments. The Brick Church must continue its historic mission to lead, inspire and enable the public worship of God in the Presbyterian tradition in the city of New York. Our response can be witnessed in the transformed lives of our members as we celebrate the Good News proclaimed by Jesus Christ. We are committed to supporting spiritual development, Christian education and witness to our community, which will be evidenced on a daily basis not only among church members but also in our outreach to the broader world.”



Officers and Nominating

Central to the Presbyterian tradition is leadership by members of the church, men and women elected by the congregation for particular kinds of service. The Presbyterian Church ordains men and women to the three offices that are reflected in the New Testament and have consistently been recognized by later generations of Christians — that of minister, elder and deacon.

Ministers are elected by the congregations they serve and are usually highly trained, full-time “professional” leaders whose responsibilities include preaching, teaching, worship leadership, pastoral care and resource support for the programs and mission of the church. The Brick Church is proud to have three talented ministers working with our congregation. Click on the names of each of our pastors to read their biographies.



The Reverend Dr. Thomas Evans – Senior Minister and Head of Staff

On July 26, 2020, Rev. Dr. Thomas Evans was approved as the 14th Senior Minister of The Brick Presbyterian Church. Before coming to The Brick Church, he served as Senior Pastor and Head of Staff for First Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, S.C., and prior to that, he served as Executive Presbyter for the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. Tom also served in pastoral roles in churches in Idaho (1994), Arkansas (1996), and upstate New York (2000), and as Executive Presbyter in Birmingham, AL (2005).

He graduated with a Master of Divinity (1994) and Doctor of Ministry (2003) from Princeton Theological Seminary. Tom is also a graduate of The College of William and Mary (1989) where he earned an B.A. in Mathematics. Learn more about Tom HERE.

The Reverend Adam D. Gorman – Associate Minister for Faith Formation and Congregational Fellowship 

Adam Gorman was Brick Church’s first Associate Minister for Youth and Family Ministry and has become Brick Church’s Associate Minister for Faith Formation and Congregational Fellowship.  Gorman was raised in Westfield, New Jersey, where he was a member of The Presbyterian Church in Westfield.  He was heavily involved in the youth group, and served as a Deacon and on the Nominating Committee to select the new Youth Minister for the Westfield church.

In high school, Adam attended The Morristown Beard School and later studied Marketing at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. He had not yet considered ministry as a career option but it was something he loved to be a part of.

After college, he worked for AIG at its Wall Street headquarters and continued to volunteer for the youth group at his home church and at a youth-run soup kitchen.  These volunteer activities showed Adam that he could combine his passions with his career options.  He then interned at The Presbyterian Church in Westfield as a Youth Minister Intern.

Adam became a nonprofit fundraiser for several years at the United Way in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania before eventually enrolling at Princeton Theological Seminary. In 2011, he received a dual degree: a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry.  While studying at Princeton, he served as a Student Minister with the youth of Nassau Presbyterian Church, was a chaplain at JFK Medical Center, and worked one-on-one with the Rev. Kathryn Henry at The Peapack Reformed Church.  He was asked by the Rev. Janice Ammon, minister of the chapel at Princeton Seminary, to help develop a Pastoral Care program and form a team for an ongoing ministry to the Seminary.  He had the honor of being chosen by his professors to speak during the Princeton Theological Seminary Graduation in 2011. He also led the PTS Ultimate Frisbee Team!  He has a passion for youth ministry and involving youth as integral members of the missional church. Contact Reverend Gorman 212-289-4400 ext.268.

The Reverend Dr. Kimberly Jackson – Associate Minister

Kim was born and raised overseas as part of a Foreign Service family but considers Washington, D.C. home. Prior to entering seminary, Kim worked in the Federal government, corporate, missional, and nonprofit worlds. Eventually, full-time ministry called, leading Kim to serve congregations in various staff and pastoral roles in Florida, Minnesota, Georgia, Colorado, Delaware, and, most recently, the Capital Region of New York. Kim’s passions include worship, spiritual growth, missions and outreach, and art, and the ways in which they are incorporated in ministry and faith formation for all ages. Kim is also passionate about engaging with those around the world in need of reconciliation and healing found through restorative justice and mercy.  Rev. Jackson will oversee Pastoral Care and Children’s Ministry and can be reached at 212-289-4400 ext. 241 or by email HERE.

Pastor Emeritus – The Reverend Michael L. Lindvall (faithfully served The Brick Church and the Brick Church Community from 2002 to 2017).