Summer Scripture Series

This summer, we are offering a “Summer Scripture Series.” Each Wednesday, we will publish a set of passages on Biblical topics with suggested key considerations for reading and meditating on the scriptures. We hope this will help members to feel connected to The Brick Church during this unusual summer. More importantly, reading and meditating on these texts can deepen one’s knowledge of the Bible and add to an understanding of Worship.
If you would like to participate and do not have a Holy Bible in the New Revised Standard Version, the church will provide one to you. Please contact Linda Thompson for a bible. If participants have a question about the scripture passages, you will be encouraged to email Rev. Adam Gorman. We hope all will enjoy this offering from The Brick Church!

“Theology Meets COVID-19: The Existential Interface”

Please join us in exploring Tillich’s Theological Tools at The Existential Interface with a new Introduction by Dr. Tom Robinson! Each part is about 20 minutes long and can be viewed alone or in sequentially. 

This four-part video series is available as part of our WEDNESDAY WORSHIP CONNECTIONS.

Part I – The Three Theological Tools