September Lecture Series

Rev. Dr. Katherine M. Douglass will lead two sessions on Sept. 13 and 20. She is an Assistant Professor of Practical Theology and Educational Ministry at Seattle Pacific University, and the author of Creative in the Image of God: A Practical Theology of Young Adult Faith and Cultivating Teen Faith: Insights from The Confirmation Project. Her research focuses on Christian identity formation. Katie lives in Seattle with her husband, John, and three boys, George (8), Paul (6), and Will (4). She skis, rock climbs, paddle boards, and hikes in the wilderness – where she often encounters God.

Sept. 13: Following Jesus
The Confirmation Project studied over 3000 congregations to try to understand how churches were forming the next generation of disciples. Parents, mentors, and camp experiences were all of central importance. Together we will consider how research from The Confirmation Project can inform how each of us plays a role in encouraging discipleship in the next generation.

Sept. 20: Becoming like Jesus
According to educational theorist Jack Meizerow, adults experience transformative learning through “disorienting dilemmas.” In this session we will look at the role of disorientation in the Christian life, specifically related to the human tendency to stereotype others. This research comes from an ongoing study at Seattle Pacific University conducted with college students who were asked to attend a free community meal alongside their homeless neighbors. Eating with (rather than serving) this community was highly disorienting for students, and for many, led to deep theological insights that they are “human just like me.” In this session, we will consider the role of disorientation in our own faith lives and how God might be using these moments to help us to become more like Jesus.

Sunday Church School Resumes

Children 2nd grade and under will receive weekly lessons while children 3rd through 7th grade are invited to join us at 10 a.m. over Zoom for their weekly lessons. The Zoom meeting information can be found in the “This Sunday at Brick Church” email. Click HERE to access this week’s Sunday School classes, and resources. Register your children for Sunday School HERE.

Summer Scripture Series

This summer, we are offering a “Summer Scripture Series.” Each Wednesday, we will publish a set of passages on Biblical topics with suggested key considerations for reading and meditating on the scriptures. We hope this will help members to feel connected to The Brick Church during this unusual summer. More importantly, reading and meditating on these texts can deepen one’s knowledge of the Bible and add to an understanding of Worship.
If you would like to participate and do not have a Holy Bible in the New Revised Standard Version, the church will provide one to you. Please contact Linda Thompson for a bible. If participants have a question about the scripture passages, you will be encouraged to email Rev. Adam Gorman. We hope all will enjoy this offering from The Brick Church!

Congregation calls new Senior Pastor

We are pleased to announce that the following actions were taken by the congregation of the Brick Presbyterian Church in the City of New York at a congregational meeting on Sunday, July 26, 2020:
·   The Congregation voted to call Rev. Dr. Thomas Evans as the New Senior Pastor to the church, and he will begin his service here on September 15, 2020;
·   In that vote, the Congregation also approved the terms of his call, including compensation and other terms;
·   The Congregation dissolved the Pastoral Nominating Committee, with numerous expressions of thanks from the congregation.
Information about Rev. Dr. Evans can be found in the brochure link HERE.
A video introduction from the Pastor Nominating Committee can be found HERE.