Children’s and Youth Choirs

We have been working hard to plan for the relaunch of in-person choir this fall and really look forward to having our youngest singers back in the building! We are optimistic for a wonderful choir season while we remain committed to being vigilant in following best practices and guidelines to provide a safe in-person opportunity for our children to engage in music and fellowship.  We will stay current on all CDC and DOH guidelines and will be prepared to shift our practices accordingly.

The Children’s Choir program at Brick Church offers children opportunities to lead worship through music. Choir members learn a wide variety of music of the church, they grow in faith, and they develop vocal and musical skills to open up a lifetime of joyful music making. Choir children have the important role of serving the church and the community in outreach events at an early age.  Through choir, children connect with one another, with their faith, and with their community.

Rehearsals are planned to engage singers at developmentally appropriate levels and accommodate many learning styles. The choirs sing throughout the year in Sunday worship services, in outreach events, in the Park Avenue Tree Lighting (grades 2-7) and in the bi-annual Spring Musical.

Come join us; everyone is welcome!

Cherub Choir (Age 4-5)
Tuesdays, 3:00 – 3:20 p.m. 
Children experience music in a variety of engaging ways, such as singing, dancing, playing games, and composing. They develop their singing voice and learn musical fundamentals like matching pitch and feeling the beat. They learn what it means to sing songs to and about God, and they engage in age-appropriate discussions about faith. They learn simple anthems, simple hymn refrains, and traditional children’s church songs.

Carol Choir (Grades K-1)
Tuesdays, 3:30 – 4:00 p.m. 
Children continue to develop their musicianship by learning basic solfege (do-re-mi) and hand-signs, learning basic rhythms, and establishing absolute pitch (A-440) through anthems, hymns, vocal exercises, and games. The children interact with each other as they learn about one another and form a community of friends and learners. They learn anthems, hymn refrains, and traditional children’s church songs.

Junior Choir (Grades 2-5)
Tuesdays, 4:05 – 4:50 p.m. 
Children use and further develop their language reading and musical reading by working with their own hymnals and copies of music. They continue on their paths as musicians and leaders and singers by developing good vocal tone, reading music notes and rhythms, and singing harmony through songs and games. Children are offered opportunities to lead a group prayer, and they engage in discussions about faith and anthem texts.  To accommodate busy schedules, 4-5th Graders have the choice of Junior or Youth Choir.


Youth Choir (Grades 4-7)
Sundays, 10:00 – 10:50 a.m. 
Our middle school choir continues to develop their singing skills and their music literacy. The students sing in harmony and can volunteer for leadership roles and solos when singing in worship or concerts with the younger choirs. Through hymns, anthems, and games, these oldest singers have a chance to express themselves and connect with one another and their faith. To accommodate busy schedules, 4-5th graders have the choice of Junior or Youth Choir.


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