Pastoral Care / Prayer

Prayer Partners
There are many in our community who may feel alone and isolated during this time. Many can be comforted through prayer.  Prayer partners pray individually with any who would like to do so.  We need additional Prayer Partners during this time.  If you feel called to offer compassion and support for others, please help us during this time, and offer to join our Prayer Partners team. Prayer partners are available after the service to pray with others and help them find solace in God’s Word. We urge you to consider participating in this important aspect of our service. To volunteer, or if you have questions, contact Chanel Robertson. This group meets nearly every Sunday, except the first Sunday of the month when the church holds a Healing Service instead.  

Pastoral Care
One way we demonstrate our faithfulness as a Christian community is by caring for each other. In the midst of all of the joys and sorrows of this life we seek to be a present and helpful presence in each other’s lives. We believe that it is the call of every church member to be a caring presence in the midst of this community. All of our clergy are available to respond to your pastoral care needs. If you have a concern you would like to share with them please contact Chanel Robertson.

Prayer Matters: Group Prayer the Second or Third Sunday of the Month
Everyone is welcome to join us online via an inclusive Zoom to speak of our concerns and joys, which we used to share after forming a circle of people in the Chapel after worship. We pray for family and friends– those who may be ill, homeless, jobless, suffering from natural disasters, and serving our country. We find that Prayer Matters can be inspirational for both those who speak and/or just listen, and we believe our prayers are a source of strength for both ourselves and others. As Jesus said, “For where there are two or three gathered in my name, then I am in the midst of them.” Zoom meeting information is provided in the weekly email. 

Service of Healing and Wholeness

The First Sunday of each month immediately following the 11 A.M. service
Those who wish may join us for a Service of Healing and Wholeness. The liturgy will include the reading of scripture, prayer, and the opportunity for people to come forward and receive individual prayer and the anointing of their forehead with oil making the sign of the cross. Those who attend will receive individual private prayers for the concerns in their lives or the lives of those they love that relate to their spiritual, emotional, or physical well being. As Christians we believe that God claims our entire lives. Recognizing this gift and God’s transformative power, in worship we offer unto the divine all that we are, every joy and concern that inhabits our lives.