The 24 sitting elders of the Brick Presbyterian Church comprise the session. They normally serve three-year terms in three rotating classes of eight. Individually and as a body, they lead the congregation in providing for worship, education, fellowship and mission. The session holds monthly stated meetings at 6:30 p.m. on usually the third Wednesday of every month from September through May. In addition to stated meetings, the session has occasional special meetings. Session meetings are normally moderated by the senior minister. The record-keeping, correspondence and ordering of the session’s work is the responsibility of the clerk of session, an elder selected by the session. The work of the session is divided among 13 Session Committees, most of which hold monthly meetings.

Class of 2018
Anita J. Brickell
Chloe G. Chun*
Mimi K. Hah
Stefan Krüger
Guillaume A. Malle
Mario J. Verdolini, Jr.
Cynthia Watson
Marjorie G. Widener
Roland L. Wikström

Class of 2019
Patrick A. F. Blott
Shannon D. Henderson
William S. Hilburn
R. Lynne Lee
Sue-Peng Li
Elizabeth M. Pettker
Brian J. Pitz
Debra N. Seraphim

Class of 2020
Susan P. Crary
Paul J. Elmlinger
Scripture Z. Gonzalez
Anne R. Huneke
Robert D. McCrie
Richard H. Stowe
Katherine C. Vosters
Suzanne W. Wilson

* Youth Elder to serve a one-year term.
Moderator: Rev.Kimberly L. Clayton
​Clerk of Session: [vacant]
Members of Session serve on the following committees:
* Adult Education
* All-Church Nominating
* Archives
* Children’s Ministries
* Communications
* Congregational Fellowship
* Day School
* Finance/Joint Finance
* Grants
* Mission Outreach
* New Members/Evangelism
* Personnel
* Seminary Field Work
* Stewardship
* Worship and Music
* Youth Ministry

For questions about committee chairs, please contact the Coordinator of the Sr. Minister’s Office.