Mom’s Morning Out meets year-round, except for the month of August, on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.,  Mom’s Morning Out is a long-standing tradition for Brick Church moms and their children ages 6 months to 2-1/2 years. We meet on the third floor in the Carnegie Room. Join us anytime for a morning of giggles, wiggles, rolls and jumps, as mommies and babies and toddlers meet each other and develop lifelong friendships. For moms, especially, this is a great program to share experiences and create new friendships. If interested stop by anytime or contact the Women’s Association office.


The Women’s Association Fellowship Events Committee is responsible for overseeing the fellowship events that the WA sponsors for the Church congregation. They are listed below. If you are interested in volunteering for one or all of these events please contact the Women’s Association office.

a. Fall Fling
The Fall Fling is an annual event that takes place in the garden of the church and welcomes members back to church for the beginning of the new program year. This event, held on a Friday evening in September, depends on the involvement of a large committee. Committee members are asked to help decorate and to bring an hors d’oeuvre, salad, or dessert to the event. The Fall Fling attracts a large attendance of adults from throughout the Brick Church membership.

b. Annual Luncheon and Meeting
The Annual Luncheon immediately follows the Women’s Association Annual Board Meeting and Installation of New Officers and Board Members, which takes place at noon on a weekday in mid-May. The Women’s Association invites all women members of Brick Church to attend the meeting and luncheon. Board Members provide a great variety of dishes for lunch and dessert and all who attend sit together for a festive fellowship luncheon in the Carnegie Room, specially decorated for the occasion.


The Brick Church Women’s Association has a scholarship fund entitled the Helen Watson Buckner Scholarship program. Its purpose is to give grants to Brick Church members and their families and to staff and their families who need assistance for college and graduate school tuitions. The grants are mostly given to assist with the cost of items such as books or transportation. Every applicant is considered and all information is kept confidential. References and transcripts are required to be returned with the application. If you have a questions please contact one of the Scholarship Committee Chairs: Helen Pennoyer or Christie Winmill.


Each year, the Women’s Association hosts a Lenten Lecture Series. Our Lenten studies are made up of a short series of weekday morning gatherings in the weeks before Easter. A committee from the Women’s Association, working together with the pastors, decides the theme of the study each year. This series usually includes presentations from the senior pastor and an associate pastor, and offers ample time for discussion and questions.


The TLC Committee, sponsored by the Women’s Association, is a committee of volunteers who help other members at The Brick Church during difficult times. Please contact Rev. Douglas King or The Women’s Association office if you know of anyone at The Brick Church that needs some TLC. If you would like to volunteer or for more information please contact the Women’s Association office.