Mission Trip 2020

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On the shores of Lake Erie, about 15 miles west of Cleveland, sits the beautiful and unique Lorain County. As a blue-collar working county built on the backs of steel workers and ship builders, this is an area that finds deep pride in its rich history. Drawn by a surplus of jobs in the early 1900’s, individuals from all over the world settled in to call Lorain County home. This created a beautifully diverse community that is still very present today.

However, as changes began to take place in these different industries, jobs began to dry up leaving several challenges in its wake. As families scrambled to find employment, basic needs such as adequate food and shelter proved hard to meet. Lorain County suffered another hit in 2008, when our country faced its greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Across the U.S. savings were lost, jobs disappeared, and poverty swelled. Lorain County was especially affected as Lorain’s poverty rate jumped by a third, claiming 33.7% of all county residents.

A large part of the community that we will have the opportunity to serve is elderly therefore many of the projects we will get to work on address handicap mobility issues. We will likely have the opportunity to work on roofing, flooring, wheel chair accessible ramps, porches, garages, and more.

We invite all Brick Church high schoolers to join us for this incredible opportunity. Save the dates in your calendar now, let me know if you plan to come. The Cost will be $850 per individual but we never want cost to preclude anyone, so we will have scholarships available, just let me know.

To register for this High School Mission Trip, please Click  Here We hope you can join us!