Pastor Nominating Committee

Pastor Nominating Committee Update


Following an exhaustive search process described in the graphic below, we are pleased to announce that the following actions were taken by the congregation of the Brick Presbyterian Church in the City of New York at a congregational meeting on Sunday, July 26, 2020:
·   The Congregation voted to call Rev. Dr. Thomas Evans as the New Senior Pastor to the church, and he will begin his service here on September 15, 2020;
·   In that vote, the Congregation also approved the terms of his call, including compensation and other terms;
·   The Congregation dissolved the Pastoral Nominating Committee, with numerous expressions of thanks from the congregation.
Information about Rev. Dr. Evans can be found in the brochure link HERE.
A video introduction from the Pastor Nominating Committee can be found HERE.

 The Transition Timeline

The process of calling a Senior Pastor is a lengthy one with many steps designed to assist a congregation in deciphering who God is calling to be pastor in the next chapter of our congregation’s life and ministry.

Pastor Nominating Committee

The Brick Church Pastor Nominating Committee (from left to right): David Darst, Pam Dickson-Thorpe, Chair; Sarah Blais, Helen Pennoyer, David Wells, Shelby Carroll, Henry Barkhorn, Helen Lynch, Charles Higgins


Ministry Information Form

Our Ministry Information Form, created by our PNC, and approved at a special meeting of the Session on August 7th, was subsequently approved by the NYC Presbytery on September 3rd. 

The Ministry Information Form (MIF) is now available for download by clicking on the link below:

Brick Church 2019 MIF – Sep 11 Final