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“A House Built on Faith, Hope, and Love” is truly an appropriate theme for this year.  The image for our stewardship this year is a dove.  This dove is a symbol of faith reflected in the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus at his baptism, a symbol of hope when Noah released a dove to see if it was safe to leave the ark, and a symbol of love and peace often shared at weddings and celebrations.  As we build a house of faith, hope, and love we are focused on several initiatives:


  1. Worship and music that reflects the majesty of God and the holiness of life.
  2. Children’s ministries and programming that instills God’s promises.
  3. Fellowship that extends love to others forging bonds across generations.
  4. Outreach that changes the lives of those in our community and beyond.
Your gifts are critical to maintaining our beautiful worship services, our education and faith formation of all ages, and our mission work to those in need.  Stewardship support provides over half of the financial resources of our church, and we thank you for helping us now and always.  Please submit your pledge in the form below or email
We are excited to have Rev. Dr. Thomas Evans leading us in our vision toward the work of the Lord. Thank you for doing your part to support this work:

Thank you for making a pledge to The Brick Presbyterian Church.
As always, feel free to call Meagan Hooper at 917-386-1062 or email with any questions.