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Celebrating Divine Connections:

Stewardship 2020

The great sculptor Michelangelo became equally famous as a painter when people saw the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Nine magnificent frescoes depict the sweep of Genesis, but the most famous is The Creation of Adam. Even if you have never been to the Sistine Chapel, you know this image: God’s face is turned toward Adam; the divine eyes fixed on this human being, created in God’s own image. God’s arm is outstretched, reaching toward Adam, whose own arm, weak with new life, is outstretched in return. Their fingertips almost touch—yet it is the space Michelangelo left between them that captures us. This, surely, is the space that contains all of our own longings, and God’s longings, too. It is the deep longing for “Divine Connection.” It is not something we alone desire of God. It is God who first—and forever—desires the Divine Connection with us. In this Divine Connection we receive the gift of life and new life.

I can think of no better theme for The Brick Church congregation this year. There are so many ways  to develop and celebrate Divine Connections with God, with one another, with our neighborhood, and within ourselves. Your support of The Brick Church provides a sanctuary in the world where words of life are spoken, hymns of faith are sung, and prayers ascend. Hearts and minds of children and youth are nurtured every day of the week, and adults continue to learn and grow in faith. Join this community of caring where we practice being good neighbors not just to, but with, our neighbors. For over 250 years, generations have found The Brick Church to be a home in the city. Help us continue this legacy this year. Our family of faith always has room at the Table.

Rev. Dr. Kimberly L. Clayton, Transitional Senior Minister


Pledge Dedication Sunday is on Nov. 24. This year’s campaign has a fun new format that should encourage a little friendly competition. Members are on teams representing past ministers and new members and guests are on the “New Pastor” team. Each team is led by a stewardship representative. The most important thing for the 2020 campaign is 100% participation across all teams. Giving at all levels is critically important to support the worship, education, fellowship, and outreach activities at Brick Church. 

Please use the pledge form below or email As always, feel free to call Linda Thompson at (212) 289-4400 with any questions. Thank you for your continued generous support, and we wish all twelve of our teams the best of luck as we embark on the 2020 stewardship campaign!

Thank you for making a pledge to The Brick Presbyterian Church.