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Keeping Divine Connections

Stewardship 2020

Your gifts are critical to maintaining our beautiful worship services, our education and faith formation of all ages, and our mission work to those in need.  During this time, we are especially grateful that our media ministry was already in place thanks to your past stewardship support.  We are grateful that we can continue providing connection to God through our worship services and our online ministries.  Thank you.  We also are grateful to our leadership and staff who are meeting virtually and taking the necessary steps to continue our ministries.  Stewardship support provides over half of the financial resources of our church, and we thank you for helping us now and always.

During this time when we are unable to engage in public worship, we appreciate your gifts and offerings through the mail and electronically.  For those who have not yet pledged for this year, we especially need your pledge now.  At this time, we are working to raise the final $140,000 to meet our 2020 Stewardship Goal.  We are over 92% of the way toward our goal and your participation now will help us fulfill all of our commitments this year.   Thank you for doing your part to support the work of the church.

Please use the pledge form below or email As always, feel free to call Linda Thompson at (212) 289-4400 x230 with any questions. Thank you for your continued generous support, and we wish all twelve of our Divine Connections teams the best of luck !

Thank you for making a pledge to The Brick Presbyterian Church.