Christians believe that God created us for life together and that the Christian life is most faithfully and joyfully lived in the community of faith that is the church. The community of faith sustains, nourishes and challenges us to greater and steadier faithfulness to Jesus Christ. To be a Christian is, for most of us, to be part of a community of Christians.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

One way we demonstrate our faithfulness as a Christian community is by caring for each other. All of our clergy are available to respond to your pastoral care needs. If you have a concern you would like to share with them please contact Chanel Robertson. We also pray together in Sunday worship, in our monthly Healing Service, after worship as part of our Prayer Partners team, monthly with our Prayer Matters prayer group and we also have an online prayer chain. Click here for more information.

Annual Events

We host a collection of annual events including the Park Avenue Tree Lighting and Social Hour, our Strawberry Festival, the Congregational Dinner and Annual Meetings, pancake breakfast fundraisers and summer barbecues. Click here for more information.

Women’s Association

Our Women’s Association puts on numerous events for members and the community including the Fall Fling, the Brick Church Fair, the Dinner Dance and the Family Easter Tea Party. Click here for more information.