2019 Stewardship Campaign

The 2019 Stewardship theme, #mybrickgives, is inspired by the idea that everything we do at The Brick Church makes a difference in our spiritual lives and the lives of others.  This theme connects us as a community, and by continuing the theme over our year of transition, we expand the “story” that can be found when clicking on the hashtag in social media.  As our story grows, we can spread the message of the work we do through each pillar of the church: #worship, #education, #mission, and #fellowship.


As is true in many churches, The Brick Church is blessed by and dependent upon the extraordinary generosity of its members. According to some surveys, Christians give an average of 2.5% of their gross income to their church. While some Brick Church members exceed that amount, if your giving is under this national average, we hope you will consider working toward that average in giving to the church.  Of course, every gift matters regardless of size, so please help us reach our participation goal as well. This will help us to continue the work of our community in the ways we cherish.

The source of all our giving is the deep well of God’s abundant love and grace. In gratitude to God, with generosity and joy, we offer our time, talent, and finances for God’s purposes.

Please join us for our Stewardship kick-off in coffee hour on Oct. 28, and Pledge Dedication Sunday on Nov 18. Come and connect with our community, and join us in transforming lives.


With deepest thanks for your commitment to the church.

Your 2019 Stewardship Committee,


Patrick Blott                                         Kathy Vosters

Stewardship Co-Chair                        Stewardship Co-Chair             







Download the Brick Church 2018 Stewardship Brochure


The Brick Church offers a multitude of ways in which you can donate

your time to the mission and ministry of the church. Read more…



The Brick Church encourages all members to consider the church in their long-term plans. We can assist you in establishing and making a planned gift to the church. For more information email Linda Thompson or call her at 212-289-4400, ext.230.