Make a Pledge


Thank you for helping us raise $100,000 by May 30th!

 Our new and incremental Doubles Challenge gifts have resulted in a special 

contribution totaling $200,000 toward our church programs in 2019.

We express our deep gratitude to the generous members who funded our

DOUBLES CHALLENGE matching gift pool, and the

71 families who helped us maximize this generous gift!


We are still waiting for about 28 families who pledged last year to fill a remaining $72,000 gap for 2019, but can reach our stewardship goal with the participation of all members!  We greatly appreciate your generosity. Annual stewardship provides 60% of the Church’s operating budget, so your commitment is critical to the life of our church and the good work that we do in our community.  Stewardship giving is also the only direct way in which we as church members support church operations.

After you pledge, any identified offerings given throughout the year will be allocated toward your pledge, and the balance can be fulfilled any time prior to Dec. 31.

We offer several ways to make your pledge:
  1. Email your pledge to
  2. Call Linda Thompson at 212-289-4400, ext. 230 to ask questions, or to schedule a meeting with a member of the stewardship committee to discuss your commitment.
  3. Complete the following Pledge Form
  4. Print a copy of the pledge card by clicking here: 2019 Pledge Card, and mail to the church or email to
Thank you for making a pledge to The Brick Presbyterian Church.