The Brick Church has a long history of supporting and founding organizations that serve those in need.  In a time like this, our continued support of these mission partners is critical to the crisis work that is required now. 

The mission partners to whom we provide critical core support (at least two of which were founded by The Brick Church) have been able to:

  1. Distribute thousands of nutritional meals daily (500 sandwiches were made and provided by Brick members immediately prior to the lock-down);
  2. Distribute thousands of toiletry kits (500 were made and provided by Brick Church members with hand sanitizer, toothbrushes and toothpaste; combs, etc., immediately prior to the lock-down);
  3. House and feed 65 individuals with mental illness, provide tele-med services and online doctor’s visits;
  4. House, feed and provide vocational training to more than 50 youth ages 18 – 25 who aged out of the foster care system or were otherwise discharged by their families;
  5. Provide virtual health and nutrition services to home-bound, isolated elderly, help them continue to pay bills, and provide stress and loneliness counseling through certified social workers;
  6. Bring food (approximately 1,000 meals per day) to the elderly poor who cannot make it to food banks and provide case management service over the phone;
  7. Provide distribution of food and clothing to the homeless in East Harlem in partnership with two other agencies.

Your generous contributions to our church multiply to provide much-needed spiritual, educational and basic needs assistance to countless people during times of crisis.  The Brick Church is one of the only organizations providing funding that keep these services running all the time.

The grants committee annually evaluates a variety of agencies and determines where our resources can best be used.    Supporting these mission partners is an important way that we spread God’s love and fulfill our responsibility help those in need.  Our Deacon Ministries also provide volunteer assistance throughout the year with many of our mission partners.  Your support of the church through financial resources allows us to provide direct grants to serve these mission partners.

The Brick Church Women’s Association also provides funding to local agencies. See the current Women’s Association grants.