Prison Ministry


Opportunities: You may have it in your heart to help formerly incarcerated men and women make a positive fresh start in their lives. Several Brick Church members have already volunteered to be a part of Brick Church’s pilot “re-entry for former prisoners” program. There are many ways you can help. You can write letters to present and former inmates, or send holiday and birthday cards, or meet and mentor recently-released men and women in a safe & welcoming environment; or even attend graduation ceremonies at selected New York State prisons that offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees to inmates. We seek to offer a lifeline to men and women who have been rejected by society, but who are committed to re-orienting their lives. Your commitment of time can be minimal, or as involved as you wish it to be. We are establishing brief workshops in mentoring; do’s and don’ts of letter writing; helping to identify sources of employment; re-establishing connections with loved ones and other efforts that will help the formerly incarcerated connect to the civil and civilian world. If it appeals to you to explore volunteering for this new ministry at Brick Church (no commitment necessary at this time), please contact Rev. Douglas King, Kent McKamy or Michael Barnes to learn more about what’s been done so far, and what’s upcoming. You can email for more details on this ministry.