Theological Offerings

Theology Meets COVID – 19

Tillich’s Theological Tools at the Existential Interface

The Christian Education Committee has released the full set of recordings of Theology and COVID – 19 with a new introduction! This fascinating educational series from Dr. Tom Robinson has drawn more than 120 views. Dr. Robinson describes how to use the theological tools suggested by three of Paul Tillich’s sermons to deal with the challenges facing us today, starting with COVID-19. Please join us in exploring Tillich’s Theological Tools at The Existential Interface. Each part is about 20 minutes long and stands on its own. However, the series is best seen sequentially:


Summer Scripture Series

Summer 2020 featured a new item to Adult Education, the “Summer Scripture Series.” Each Wednesday, a set of passages was published on Biblical topics with suggested key considerations for reading and meditating on the scriptures. We hope that reading and meditating on these texts can deepen one’s knowledge of the Bible and add to an understanding of Worship. We hope all enjoy this offering from The Brick Church!
As an introducation to this Series, we contemplate the attributes of God.  The many attributes of God are probably well-known to you:  loving (I John 4:16), merciful and gracious (Psalms 86:15), forgiving (I John1:9), faithful (I Corinthians 1:9), righteous and just (Jeremiah 9:24), ubiquitous (Psalms 139), unchangeable (Malachi 3:6), all-knowing (Hebrews 4:12-13), and mysterious (Deuteronomy 29:29).  But the Bible actually adds a second form of revelation: describing God’s activity and showing His involvement through narrative.  Please enjoy your study as you come to know God better through the scriptures.