The Brick Presbyterian Church elects 12 members to serve as trustees of the church corporation, the legal entity required by New York State law. The trustees offer fiduciary leadership to the church, managing the congregation’s endowment fund, its real properties and, in partnership with session, overseeing the financial management of the church, including the annual audit.

Current Trustees
President: Henry C. Barkhorn III
Secretary: Richard A. Miller
Treasurer: Louisa J. Palmer

Class of 2018
Henry C. Barkhorn III
Constance K. Dalvito
Charles C. Higgins
Valerie S. Mason

Class of 2019
Charles S. Anderson
Timothy D. Haskin
Helen M. Lynch
Willis G. Ryckman IV

Class of 2020
Kenneth W. Austin
Kevin R. Greene
Linda B. Gridley
Richard A. Miller

Committees of the Board of Trustees

The committees of the Board of Trustees are Executive, Audit, Buildings and Grounds, Insurance and Law. The Trustees also participate in the Trustees’ Investment Committee and serve at the request of the President of the Corporation on the All Church Nominating, Session Archives/Historical, Joint Finance, Session Stewardship, Session Personnel, and Planned Giving committees.

For information about the committee chairs please email Renée D. Alston, Coordinator of Church Ministries and Mission.