Adult Faith Formation

Christian life is a pilgrimage, a journey we undertake strengthened by God’s presence with us. The destination we seek is wholeness and maturity in Christ.

Adult education at The Brick Church includes a number of primary opportunities for study and reflection. Members and friends participate in weekly Women’s and Men’s Bible studies, with Coed and Summer Bible Study offered intermittently. Sunday Adult Education consists of Lecture Series arranged by the Adult Education Committee of Session. Other special events, such as guest speaker visits and retreats are scheduled periodically. All are welcome to join in this journey of faith.

Members also are invited to read Scripture on Sundays. 

Adult Education Lecture Series

Life Lessons From Scripture – Spring 2021

Adult Education is excited to present a new eight week series, Life Lessons From Scripture. Topics, presented by seven Pastors and Special Guests, include: 
  • Big Choices in Life
  • Good and Evil
  • Loneliness and Suffering
  • Forgiveness
  • Christian Transformation


Our New York City Lifestyle: Over-stressed, – scheduled, -whelmed

presented by Rev. Adam Gorman

Sunday, June 6, 9:30 a.m.

Together, let’s take a look at what stress is, how we got here, why we get stressed and what Jesus has to say about it. We will look to the story of Mary, Martha and Jesus to teach us how to respond to our world. Hope you can join us.



Paul Tillich’s Eight Pillars of Christianity

What is Christianity for you? A religion? Jesus’ Way? A group of fellow seekers reflecting the Holy Spirit? Something else? For Paul Tillich, one of the two great theologians of the 20th Century, Christianity rests on eight pillars. Brick Church member Tom Robinson explores the basics of Christianity for Tillich with related Bible stories, Scripture, and Bible passages provided by Brick Church members. Come and learn about Paul Tillich’s Eight Pillars of Christianity and see how your thinking matches Tillich’s. You can also see how Tillich’s concepts from the middle of the last century are reflected in this century in the favorite Bible passages of our Brick Church members. 

View part one of this series from Feb. 7, 2021

View part two of this series from Feb. 21, 2021

View part three of this series from Feb. 28, 2021


Please contact Jeffrey Shayne with any questions or for more information on Adult Education programs.