Most services of worship at The Brick Church include the preaching of a sermon, usually by one of the ministers of the church. A sermon is not a moral or spiritual essay, nor is it precisely the opinion of the preacher. Rather, it is the preacher’s attempt, guided by grace and the Holy Spirit, to bring one or more passages of Holy Scripture to bear on the living of life in our time and place. As such, a sermon is a “speech event,” spoken and heard in one particular time and place, rather than a form of “written literature” intended to be read in many times and places. Indeed, the cadences, the grammar, and even the rhetoric of the spoken word are different from that of the written word. Nevertheless, most preachers prepare notes or a manuscript from which they preach. What follows are recorded and written versions of sermons preached at The Brick Church. As you read, remember that though the Holy Spirit may work in any context, reading or even listening alone is not the same thing as hearing as a part of a gathered community in the context of worship.

All sermons preached at The Brick Church are copyrighted. If you wish to quote or reference a sermon in any way, please be sure to acknowledge whom you are quoting in both spoken and written presentations.

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