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About Us

Our Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of The Brick Church is to respond to the word of God as found in the Old and New Testaments. The Brick Church must continue its historic mission to lead, inspire and enable the public worship of God in the Presbyterian tradition in the city of New York. Our response can be witnessed in the transformed lives of our members as we celebrate the Good News proclaimed by Jesus Christ. We are committed to supporting spiritual development, Christian education and witness to our community, which will be evidenced on a daily basis not only among church members but also in our outreach to the broader world.

Adopted by Session November 15, 2003

Pillars of Our Community

In 2019, Brick Church engaged in a Mission Review which identified the following as the Pillars of Our Community:  Worship, Serve, Learn, Connect.

In light of the Mission Review, the Strategic Implementation Committee identified the following goals for long term planning in 2021:

Spiritual Vitality
Strengthen spiritual vitality to be better servants of Christ

Protect the longevity of the church through improved stewardship

Extend our reach into our community to expand the church's footprint and grow its membership

Show forth the love of Christ through compassionate nurture for the community at every stage of life


Reinforce our commitment to education from the Day School through Adult Education

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