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Central to the Presbyterian tradition is leadership by members of the church who are elected by the congregation for particular kinds of service. The Presbyterian Church ordains men and women to the three offices that are reflected in the New Testament and have consistently been recognized by later generations of Christians – that of minister, elder and deacon.  Additionally, New York State law requires that The Corporation of the Brick Presbyterian Church in the CIty of New York (the "Corporation") be governed by trustees (the "Trustees").  Elders, Deacons and Trustees comprise the Officers of our church.

The Board of Deacons


Class of 2023

Susan B. Appleby

Stephana Bottom

Julie T. Chang

Marilyn T. Dikkers

Luc M. Dowling

Tiffany Hoke

Alexander W. King

Christopher L. Randall

David R. Rose

Willis G. Ryckman, IV

Leah Lee (Youth)

Class of 2024

Henry Greene

Maxime Guignand

Sarah Johnson

Marisa Leichtling

Sam Puopolo

Whitney Schwartz

Class of 2025

Emily Abelson

Preston Blankenship

Virginia Breen

Trish Chapman

Ann Darmstaetter

Daniel Hoy

Ruth Jin

Megan Kim

Liane McAllister

Carla Stearns

Class of 2026

David A. Bergan
Allison Ayers Elliott
Catherine F. Eubanks
Dirk Hrobsky
Matthew Libby
Lawrence Minicone
Christopher M. Seck
Mark Tillinghast, Jr.
Natasha Wolff
James D
alvito (Youth)
Thomas He
ath, IV (Youth)

Pastoral Advisors

Rev. Adam D. Gorman

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Jackson

The Session


Class of 2023

David Darst

Pamela Ferguson

Mimi Hah

Amanda Heath

Lindsay Higgins

David Morgan

Christopher Thorpe

Cynthia Watson

Elizabeth F. Stearns (Youth)

Michael J. Appleby (Youth)

Class of 2024

Bret M. Barasch

Nicholas M. Berry

Elizabeth Boehmler

Theodore D. Clement

Karen Fang

Stefan Kruger

Jill W. Lampe

Margaret D. Stocker

Class of 2025

Helen T. Elmiger

Jay A. Galloway

Ben C. Huneke

Lisa L. Margosian

Amy K. McDonald

Jane Muqaddam

Margaret E. Pennoyer

Tanya S. Wells

Class of 2026

Susan D. Austin
Shelby Spears Carroll
E. Graham Clark
Horace I. Crary, Jr.
Pamela Dickson-Thorpe
Mark Dingle
Oscar Sloterbeck
Jay Steen
Martha Higgins (Youth)
Holly Miller (Youth)

Moderator of Session

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Evans


Clerk of Session

Thomas D. Robinson

The Board of Trustees


Erik M. W. Caspersen


Henry C. Barkhorn III



Kenneth W. Austin

Class of 2023

Kenneth W. Austin

Kevin R. Greene

Elizabeth Philipp

Richard D. Rippe

Class of 2024

Partick D. Barrett

Erik M.W. Caspersen

Catherine J. Leonhardt

Susan Webb

Class of 2025

Jonathan S. Bean

Christopher M. Mason

Clare C. Pickering

Katherine E. Stitch

Class of 2026

Harold P. Hope III
Kirsten Morgan
Elizabeth Philipp
Richard D. Rippe

The Class of 2026 will be ordained on September 17th during Sunday worship.

Nomination and Election of Officers

Ruling Elders, Deacons and Trustees are nominated to the congregation by the All-Church Nominating Committee and elected by the congregation at its annual meeting of the Congregation and Corporation.

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