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Celebrating 30 Years in Ministry

Dear Brick Church Congregation,


I am humbled and thankful as I reflect on the beautiful surprise you organized on Sunday, May 19th, to mark my 30th year in ministry. I had no clue that it was coming! Your kindness and thoughtfulness have truly made this milestone special.  


The stole with its meaningful inscription is a gift I will cherish forever. Every time I wear it, I will be reminded of this special day and the fact that I was able to celebrate it with this incredible community here at The Brick Church. Reading through the memories and well-wishes on the digital card you organized brought back so many moments and deep connections. I cannot believe it has only been four years since I’ve arrived at Brick Church – so many of you I feel like I have known for so much longer! 


Your support, love, and encouragement mean more to me than words can express. It is a privilege and an honor to serve as your Senior Minister, and I am deeply thankful for each and every one of you. Your presence in my life has been a profound blessing and this program year has been one of the most invigorating and joyful in my thirty years of ministry and I fully expect next year to be an even better one as we grow in our capacity to share the love of Christ.


With sincere gratitude, thank you for making this milestone so memorable. I look forward to our continued journey together, guided by faith and filled with joy. 




Rev. Tom Evans

Watch the service celebrating Rev. Tom Evans' 30 years in ministry here

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