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Prayer of Thanksgiving, Intercession, and Petition

Updated: Jun 28

Shared during Sunday Worship on June 16, 2024.

Dear God of life, we come to you this morning trusting in your love for us. We pray especially today for those you have placed around us as fathers, grandfathers, fathers-to-be and those who “father” us whatever their relationship may be in our lives. We thank you for the stories, the guidance, the wisdom, and joys they share with us in celebration of your guiding love. We praise and thank you for all the members of this congregation, that we may hear your voice, and follow your way, in all we do.

God of resurrection and compassion, you call us to serve by your example, to heal the broken and troubled of this world, in this city, this neighborhood, our homes. Shine your holy light on all the places that face violence, war, dissension, hunger, illness and fear. We trust and pray that your loving grace will bring order and healing to all who need it. Give us peace, comfort, tolerance, understanding, and strength, to cope with all that is ahead of us.

God of grace, we pray for ourselves, with all our doubts and worries. Forgive us when our steps falter, hesitate, or doubt. Grant us grace, understanding, and courage to allow the Holy Spirit to enter our hearts and transform us. We give thanks for the blessing of your son, Jesus, and trust in you and the power of the Holy Spirit, to guide us through this world today. We offer these prayers as your children. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

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