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Purchase Tickets for Cinderella: Enchanted Edition

The prince is giving a ball! Reserve your tickets to see The Brick Church Community Theater present Cinderella (Enchanted Edition). Step into a world where dreams come true as you watch members of our church and school community shine onstage with their loved ones accompanied by a live orchestra! Tickets are free and open to the public.  Email our director, Courtney Edwards at if you would like to lend your time and talents to the production.

Performance Dates

Friday, April 19th | 6:00 PM

Saturday, April 20th | 6:00 PM

Sunday, April 21st | 2:00 PM

Tickets are free and open to the public, but The Brick Church relies on donations from members and friends like you to support our outreach initiatives, children and youth programs, worship & music services, and community opportunities - including this musical! Please consider donating to expand our community and deepen our impact, so that we may share our gifts and talents with all of New York City!

Donation Levels

  • Musical Mouse Gift: $25 - Thank you in the Playbill.

  • Daring Dove Donation: $50 - Thank you + free popcorn at intermission.

  • Enchanted Ball Host: $125 - Thank you, free popcorn, photo with Cinderella.

  • Magic Wand Wish: $250 - Thank you, popcorn, photo, merchandise with logo.

  • Golden Carriage Circle: $500 - Thank you, popcorn, photo, merchandise, front row seat.

  • Glass Slipper Contribution: $1,000 - The above plus champagne (+milk) and cookies at intermission.

  • Fairy Godmother Friend: $2,500 - All the above plus private balcony table + cocktails during the show.

  • Happily Ever After Sponsor: $5,000 - All the above plus invitation to private cast reception after the show.


Cinderella - Natalie Hammonds

Fairy Godmother - Meagan Hooper

Stepmother - Barbara Gao Shapiro

Grace - Claudia Caceres

Joy - Katelyn Long

Prince Christopher - Connor Wright

Liona - Molly Revenson

Queen Constantina - Michelle Auerbach

King Maximillian - Joe Hipps

Young Cinderella - Georgie Libbey

Young Queen Constantina - Mia Strugar

Young King Maximillian - Henry Krumholz

Charlotte - Knowles Johnson

Dove - Raquel Karloff

Mice - Brooke Bales, Elsa Busko, Sophie Busko, Isabelle Cabria, Hannah Elliot, Francie Eshelman, Hope Gorman, Saurabh Goyal, Henderson Hipps, Hana Hudson, Vesper Johnson, Charley Kahn, Juliet Krumholz, Lila Liang, Charlotte Night, Cooper Pennoyer, Elisavet Tsiptsis, Robert Warren

Featured Ensemble

(Villagers, Merchants, Maidens, and Palace Guests)

Emma Dietrich, Tiffany Hoke, Raquel Karloff,

Liane McAllister, Elizabeth McFly, Brandon Warren

Youth Ensemble

(Village Children, Young Princes and Princesses)

Charlotte Bales, Cory Bazemore, Siena Brassil, Kseniya Gadh, Harriet Hipps,

Josie Johnson, Knowles Johnson, Willoughby Johnson, Henry Krumholz, Malin Lawrence,

Seren Lawrence, Georgie Libbey, Kathryn Martini, Charlotte McLaughlin,

Victoria Pennoyer, Kzreel Pierre, Mia Strugar


Cinderella: Katelyn Long, Fairy Godmother: Molly Revenson,

Stepmother/Queen Constantina: Claudia Caceres, Grace/Joy: Emma Dietrich,

Prince Christopher: Joe Hipps, Liona: Tiffany Hoke, King Maximillian: Brandon Warren

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