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The Heralds of Salvation: Embracing God's Message Within Us

As we step into this Advent season, the time between December 3rd and December 25th, we will explore a rich tapestry of biblical characters who served as heralds, preparing the way for the arrival of the King of Kings, Jesus. These heralds, from Mary and the humble shepherds to the divine angel messengers and the unconventional John the Baptist, collectively echoed a message of hope, peace, and salvation.

A common thread unites these heralds—they never spoke on their own authority. Instead, their words reflected the divine message from the King. Their purpose was clear: to make the people ready for the arrival of Christ the King, whose coming signified not only strength, power, and protection but, above all, peace.

Mary, a young and single girl; the lowly shepherds proclaiming, "We have seen the Messiah;” angels delivering the message of Emmanuel (God with us); and the outsider John the Baptist urging repentance—all played a crucial role in heralding the arrival of Jesus. But God’s message of salvation doesn’t stop with the characters in the Bible. We are all modern-day heralds, entrusted with a unique message proclaiming God is with us.

This Advent season, we are called to listen to the unique messages placed within our hearts. Through our voices and contributions, we can proclaim: Christ came through a baby and Christ is within each of us. When we speak this message, we bring forth the Kingdom of God which is based on love and service, where enemies become brothers and sisters, and strangers become friends.

In the grand tapestry of heralds, we find ourselves as integral threads. What kind of herald are you? What is the message God has placed in your heart? Are you the bearer of gentle and loving words, or are you challenging the status quo? These questions invite us to reflect on our role as heralds in our communities and the wider world.

As we embark on this Advent journey, may we embrace our roles as heralds of salvation, carrying the timeless message of peace, love, and service. In discovering and sharing the message within us, we contribute to the restoration of God's vision for humanity—a vision where all are united in their love of God and one another.

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