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Welcome Back Reverend Lewelyn David Bevan (1876 – 1882) and William Rogers Richards (1902 – 1910)

The Building and Grounds Committee recently undertook a reorganization/cleaning of the attic storage area inside the clock tower. This project included the relocation of a family of pigeons who were living there and subsequent cleanup which was proficiently accomplished by Lyric Lagos (Brick Church Facilities Manager) and Anthony Gorcsi (Brick Church Facility Coordinator).

During this extensive project we discovered portraits of former Senior Ministers of our Church. George Thomas (Brick Church in House Mechanic) skillfully restored these portraits, and they are now hanging in the hall outside the Session room.

If you are interested in learning more about these former Senior Ministers, you can read about Reverend Bevan on pages 93-94 and Reverend Richards on pages 118-121 of Mr. E. Deane Turner’s excellent and thorough book on the history of the Brick Presbyterian Church. This book is titled: A Fellowship of Kindred Minds and a copy can be found in the newly reorganized Anderson Library.

The Committee wishes to thank our Facilities Manager, Lyric Lagos and Margaret Stocker, Chair of the Archives Committee for their cooperation with these projects.

Patrick D. Barrett, Trustee and Chair Building and Grounds Committee

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