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Wrapped in Prayer: The Brick Church Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Brick Church is blessed with many special ministries. One ministry we would like to highlight today is The Brick Church Prayer Shawl Ministry. This special initiative, faithfully led by Linda Simpson, Jaqueline Worth, Karen Fang and Jill Lampe, has been active for ten years. Members of The Brick Church lovingly knit and crochet beautiful shawls and blankets. They then take the time to lay hands on and pray over each shawl before delivering, so that that the recipient is not only in possession of a comforting gift but is also covered in prayers and encouragement. Prayer shawls have blessed over 600 people in the past ten years! Today we invite you to pray with us over some of the shawls that will go out this year.

Photos include: 2016 gathering at Jaqueline Worth's office; farewell gift to Doug King made during the COVID-19 pandemic; Oona Elmiger embracing a prayer shawl; and her grandmother, Jean Williams, proudly holding shawls at a meeting in 2016.

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