Ministry of Music

The Brick Presbyterian Church is known worldwide for its Sacred Music ministry. Since the 18th century, we have been blessed with exceptional and dedicated musicians, fine instruments, and also the resources to maintain a high standard of quality. Our Chancel Choir leads us every Sunday in musical prayer and praise of God. In addition to worship services, our professional Chancel Choir and pipe organs are featured in several concerts throughout the season.

Music opportunities for Brick Church’s children and youth are available. Led by Interim Director of Children’s Music Cristina Soto, children’s choirs for ages four through fourth grade, youth choirs and the Wednesday Night Choir ​meet weekly and participate in worship leadership throughout the year.

Thanks to the generosity of Don and Lynn Wilson and their steadfast devotion to Brick Church’s Ministry of Music, Brick Church and the Yale University Institute of Sacred Music established in 2013 the Wilson Family Sacred Music Internship. This internship provides an exceptional opportunity for a graduate student at the Institute of Sacred Music to participate in our music ministry on a weekly basis during the academic year. As part of an intensive, on-site learning experience, the intern shares in the organ playing and choral conducting while at the same time learning about all parts of our music ministry.

The Wilson Family Sacred Music internship also supports an undergraduate intern from the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio. Since 2008, Brick Church and the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music have collaborated in a sacred music internship program. Each January, a pipe organ major at Oberlin is invited to spend the month at Brick Church. During this time, the Sacred Music Intern works in all aspects of Brick Church’s Ministry of Music. This internship is designed to provide future sacred musicians with the skills necessary to work successfully in traditional sacred music programs. The intern participates each week in the various worship services at Brick Church. To date, the Oberlin Sacred Music Interns have been: Christopher J. Howerter (2008), Dexter Kennedy (2009), Wesley Hall (2010), John Walthausen (2011), Katelyn Emerson (2012), Nicholas Capozzoli (2013), Matthew Buller (2015), Mitchell Miller (2016), and David Boeckh (2018).

On Christmas Eve, Easter and at other festive services, our services are musically augmented by the Brick Church Brass and Percussion Ensemble: Thomas Hoyt, trumpet and leader; Kevin Cobb, trumpet; Lawrence DiBello, French horn; George Hoyt, trombone; Donald Hayward, trombone; Benjamin Harms, pipe, tabor and percussion. We are blessed to have the Wallace Sacred Music Fund which provides for the brass and percussion ensemble at our Christmas Eve and Easter services.

The Brick Church is blessed with two world-class pipe organs, the Sanctuary organ built by Casavant Frères (2005) and the Chapel organ built by Guilbault-Thérien (1996). Concerts, recitals, and commercial recordings frequently make use of these two fine instruments. Brick Church also has in its musical instrument collection a rare 1898 Steinway “C” Concert Grand Piano that was fully restored in 2010 by Klavierhaus, New York City. This fine piano, which resides in the Sanctuary, is used both in worship services and in concert.

Special services of music and concerts are held throughout the year. You can read more about these special music programs here.